IR Quattro MICRO

Presence Detector

Product Code: 053789

The IR Quattro MICRO fulfils is small in size and the low-profile design make it perfect for applications where disturbing installations on the ceiling are to be avoided. The micro-precision lens measures just 15 x 15 mm. Its performance is nevertheless stunning. The 360° infrared presence detector detects 36 m². And the IP65 classification lets you install it in areas that are subject to moisture.


Datasheet Installation SDoC

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Dimensions (mm) Ø43 x 70
Detection Area 360º
IP Rating IP65
Max. Reach 6m square
Delay Time 5 sec – 60 min
Mounting Height 2.0 – 5.0m
Light Level Settings 2 – 1000 lx
Mounting Recessed
Warranty 5 Years
Settings Smart Remote Only
Versions COM1, COM2, DALI 2, KNX


Code Description
009151 Smart Remote Control RC1 To RC10 2Xaaas App to Phone