IS 2360 ECO

Motion Detector – 2000 Series

Product Code: 006556 (White)

Stylish infrared ceiling sensor has an unobtrusive compact look. The surface mounted IS 2360 motion detector, uses passive infrared sensor technology and is the perfect choice for porches and small rooms. It provides a 360° detection zone that can be matched to any specific situation by means of shrouds. With a reach of 7 m, it reliably detects all movements with absolute precision.


Datasheet Installation SDoC

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Dimensions (mm) Ø115 x 50
Detection Area 360º
IP Rating IP54
Max. Reach 3.5m radius
Delay Time 8 sec – 35 min
Mounting Height 2.0 – 4.0m
Light Level Settings 2 – 2000 lx
Mounting Surface Mount
Warranty 5 Years
Settings Integrated Turn Wheels
Versions COM1