IS 3180

Motion Detector – 3000 Series

Product Code: 009113

These sensors are the perfect choice when it comes to protecting industrial and business premises and making them secure. It is important to have far-sighted guards that instantly respond to any movement. The IS 3180 is made for the job. The IP54 rating reliably protects its inner values: featuring top-calibre components, such as two precision modular pyro sensors and a multi-lens, it watches over almost every last inch of areas measuring a good 500 m². The concealed installation sensor that combines everything that’s important to electrical fitters and security personnel.


Datasheet Installation SDoC

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Dimensions (mm) 95 x 95 x 65
Detection Area 180º
IP Rating IP54
Max. Reach 20m
Delay Time 5 sec – 15 min
Mounting Height 2m
Light Level Settings 2 – 1000 lx
Mounting Wall/Corner
Warranty 5 Years
Settings Manually/Smart Remote
Technology Passive Infrared
Versions COM1, DALI 2, KNX


Code Description
009151 Smart Remote Control RC1 To RC10 2Xaaas App to Phone
559410 Service Remote Control RC8
035174 Corner Wall Mount 3000
056711 Black Cover for IR-Sensors