IS 345

Motion Detector – 3000 Series

Product Code: 010485

Aisles and long corridors place special Demands on sensor performance. The detection area of the sensor must not only

be narrow, but also long. Tried and proven, the IS 345 is specially designed for detection in corridors, as its narrow 45° aperture angle gives it the ability to watch over areas of up to 23 x 6 metres tangentially.

KNX & DALI 2 available upon request


Datasheet Installation SDoC

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Dimensions (mm) 65 x 95 x 95
Detection Area Corridors
IP Rating IP54
Max. Reach 23 x 6m
Delay Time 5 sec – 15 min
Mounting Height 2.5 – 5.0m
Light Level Settings 10 – 1000 lx
Mounting Surface Mount
Warranty 5 Years
Settings Manually / Smart Remote
Technology Passive Infrared
Versions COM1, DALI 2, KNX


Code Description
009151 Smart Remote Control RC1 To RC10 2Xaaas App To Phone