IS 345 MX

Motion Detector – 1000 Series

Product Code: 010492

Surveillance on the highest level. Infrared motion detector IS 345 MX Highbay is well suited to high ceilings in depots, high- bay

warehouses, machine shops, check-in areas and departure lounges. Available as square surface-mounted and concealed version.

 KNX & DALI 2 available upon request


Datasheet Installation SDoC

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Dimensions (mm) 65 x 95 x 95
Detection Area 30 x 4m (120m²)
IP Rating IP54
Max. Reach 30 x 4m
Delay Time 5 sec – 15 min
Mounting Height 4.0 – 14.0m
Light Level Settings 2 – 1000 lx
Mounting Surface Mount
Warranty 5 Years
Settings Manually / Smart Remote
Technology Passive Infrared
Versions COM1, DALI 2, KNX


Code Description
009151 Smart Remote Control RC1 To RC10 2Xaaas App to Phone